Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Secret Of Being TAUGHT By God

God wants to teach each of His children. It is written:"All your children will be taught by God." Jesus Christ is our Teacher and if we are born again then we must be taught by Him. Jesus did not appoint other people, teachers, to teach His followers. He teaches them Himself. He gives His Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, in those who obey Him, those who obey His words.
If you repent, and are baptized in water, and you seek Jesus with all your heart, you will be born again, and He will give His Holy Spirit in you to teach and guide you. Many believers do not know that God speaks. They do not know that they must ask of Him, and He will teach and He will guide them. Many do not want to be taught by Jesus. Many are rebellious, they want to follow the own mind. Others want to teach themselves,they educate themselves from the Bible, and from listening to preachers and teachers of their own choice, and that is why they are in darkness. But, if we want to follow Jesus we must only be taught by Him because He will teach and guide us, but we must seek Him. We must go after Him.
We must pray, we must seek His will. We must ask Him to teach us, ask Him to guide us, and expect Him. Get your focus on Jesus, seek Him with all your heart. Live your life to please Him, and He will teach and guide you. He will give you understanding. We will not have any excuse one day when we stand before Jesus and we refused to be taught by Him. He will say to most believers:"Go away, I never knew you, you workers of wickedness," because they were not taught by Him; they were not interested in Him. Most believers listen to other people. They believe in the Bible but they do not what the Bible says; they do not obey the commands of Jesus as recorded in the Bible.  Jesus said:"Follow Me." Jesus said:"My sheep hear My voice, they listen to Me and they follow Me." Most believers do not hear His voice, they do not seek Him, they do not obey His words, they do not seek revelation from Jesus. They follow their own mind and they follow other people, and that is why most believers will perish; because they only believe that they have salvation. They believe in their own doctrines, they believe in what other people tell them, but they do not trust nor follow Jesus Christ.
Most believers have never repented, most of them have not been baptized in water, most believers have not received the Holy Spirit, most believers are not born again, and most believers will end up in hell, because they never became disciples of Jesus Christ ;they were never taught by Him. They did not trust nor obey Jesus, they did not receive nor follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit that He sent to teach us and to guide us into all truth. Have you received the Holy Spirit? Do you follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit? Do you know the Master's voice? Do you listen to Him and are you taught by Him? Do you really know Jesus Christ? The secret of being taught by God is that we must desire to be taught by Him. We must seek Jesus with all our heart always, we must live our lives to please Him. We must trust Him alone and wait on Him. Jesus rewards those who diligently seek Him, who go after Him.
Most believers only go after their own desires, their own plans, and they just want fire insurance; they don't want to end up in hell. They will end up in help if they do not seek Jesus with all their heart and if they are not taught by Him. Jesus Christ is our only teacher, and if we do not obey Him, we will perish.
Seek Jesus with all your heart, and He will reveal Himself to you. He will give His Holy Spirit in you to teach and guide you, and you will know Him for real, you will live in fellowship with Him and He will reveal Himself to you.
May Jesus bless you.

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