Monday, December 26, 2016

False Tongues Meaningless Prayers

When the first believers received the baptism in the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost they
spoke in tongues and ever since, those who are baptized in the Holy
Spirit do speak in tongues, because the Holy Spirit gives them
utterance so that they can pray mysteries to God. Many people have
been deterred from praying in tongues. Many who have been baptized in
the Holy Spirit have stopped praying in tongues because somebody has
told them that the tongues might not be real, the tongues might be
from satan not from God.
Some people have been told
that the tongues that they pray are false. The truth is that when you
pray in tongues only God understands what you are saying because you
are praying mysteries to God as given by the Holy Spirit. We read in
1st Corinthians chapter 14:2 the Apostle Paul said:"for he who
speaks in a tongue does not speak to men but to God. Indeed no one
understands him, he utters mysteries in the Spirit." If we pray
in tongues we are speaking to God, we are not speaking to people and
therefore nobody understands, neither can they evaluate whether our
prayer is false or not. If we pray to God and the Holy Spirit gives
utterance,and our spirit our mind is set on God then we are speaking
to God. Many people pray in tongues as a public display, and their
prayer is false because they are not praying to be heard my God, but
they are praying to put up a show in front of people. Many people
pray with their mind, they recite prayers, they say very nice long
prayers to impress other people. Their prayers are false. Jesus
called that an idle repetition of words. The only one who can
evaluate whether our prayer is false or not is the One to whom we are
speaking. If we are truly speaking to God when we pray in tongues,
and we do not even know what we are saying, then only God knows
whether we are truly speaking to Him, whether our spirit is praying
to Him. When we pray with our mind, words in our own language, that
can be understood, only God knows whether we actually praying or
whether we are just reciting a quick prayer before we go to bed, or
whether we are saying a nice prayer to impress other people. What
determines whether your prayer is false or not is: Are you speaking
to God? If we are not speaking to God then our prayer is meaningless,
it is false, it is a meaningless repetition of words, it is just
noise in the air. Real prayer that is heard and answered by God is
prayer that comes from the heart.
Nobody else can evaluate
or say whether your prayer or the tongue that you pray in his false,
only God, because if we are not speaking to God then our prayer is
false. May Jesus bless you.

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