Monday, January 23, 2017

God has given America one LAST CHANCE

God sent me to America to come and warn this country to
repent and to turn back to His ways. I made a video which I put on
YouTube in April 2008. I attached a link to that for you into this
video. Since that time I've been preaching a ceaselessly to warn America
and the world to repent and to obey Jesus Christ. God gives us
leadership according to our desires and if we reject him He gives us a
wicked leadership. This country has been under Antichrist rule of the
previous administration for eight years, and in that time everything
that God hates has are being approved and promoted. Jesus Christ and God
has been kicked out of this country, but thank God, He has given this
nation, this wonderful country another chance, and with that also the
rest of the world, because if America goes down the whole world goes
The wages of sin is death and Jesus Christ took
the punishment that was due for the sins of the whole world, for those
who accept Him, who turn from their wicked ways, and who obey Him. God
has given this country a last chance, an opportunity to come back to
Him, to mend their ways and to have life, but this is only the start,
and there is much work to be done. And that work starts with each and
every individual.
Without God, without Jesus Christ,
there is no hope, there is only destruction. People have prayed and God
has answered and He has given a new administration, a new leadership,
that is willing and eager to bring this country back to a God-fearing
nation, back to LIFE, but one man and the administration cannot, but one
man and at the administration cannot return the tide alone, it is for
the people of America to get back to God. It is for the people of
America to embrace life, to embrace Jesus Christ, or else to face
destruction and the end of this wonderful nation. I starts with the
individual, in every person's heart, in every house, Jesus Christ must
become the King and the Lord of that house. The whole world is in the
power of this darkness, because of lies, and also the Christian
believers are in the power of satan because they have believed lies. It
is not just a matter of believing in Jesus Christ, it is not just a
matter of praying, it is a matter of obeying Him. It is a matter of
accepting Him as the Lord and the Master of your life and to live
according to His commands, according to His words, and in obedience to
Him. Jesus Christ requires of every soul that believes in Him to obey
Him, to obey His words; firstly to repent repent of their evil ways.
cannot follow and obey Jesus if you are still living in sin and if you
are going after your own desires. You have to turn away from wickedness.
You have to turn away from sin, you have to be pure and holy, you have
to obey Jesus Christ and go after Him. You cannot serve yourself, and
the lust of your flesh, and also serve Jesus Christ. You have to repent,
you have to turn away from sin and sin no more. Sin is all evil, lies,
immorality, sexual immorality, idolatry, murder, stop murdering your own
babies, stop abortions, stop living in immorality. Stop being
homosexual, stop listening to the lies of satan. Be pure and holy
because if you do not turn away from your evil way you cannot live in
communion with God. Sin separates you from God and causes the wrath of
God to come on you. Repent, turn away from all your evil ways, and be
holy, be righteous, and then be baptized in water so that you can be
cleansed of your sin and that you can be pure and holy and acceptable to
Jesus will accept a pure offering, He will
accept a person who is willing to turn away from their evil ways and who
is eager to follow and obey Him, in righteousness and holiness. Jesus
Christ will accept you, He will make you knew, you will forgive your
past sins. He will make you a child of God and He promised to give His
Holy Spirit in you, to teach you, and to guide you, so that you can be a
child of God. But if you are not willing to break with your sin, if
you're not willing to be holy, if you are not willing to live in
communion and in obedience to Jesus Christ you will perish. You must
have a zero tolerance for sin. Light cannot be darkness. You have to be
clean, and pure, and holy. Get rid of your idols, get rid of your self
gratification, your TV's, your running after pleasure, your selfishness,
your self-centeredness, and seek the approval of Jesus Christ. Stop
slandering, stop murdering other people,. Let the love of Jesus Christ
come into your heart. Be pure and holy and Jesus will answer your
prayers. He will guide you into all truth. He will give you life. Dear
friends, without Jesus Christ you can do nothing. Without the power and
the intervention of God you are lost. Your mighty army cannot protect
you. You can buy as many guns as you like, you cannot protect yourself.
If God does not protect you, if he does not keep His hand on you, you
will be destroyed. If God does not give the leadership of this country
wisdom, and if He does not guide them, guide their footsteps, then there
is no hope. Each and every person must come to Jesus. Be holy, be
righteous submit to Him and pray. Pray for your government, pray for
your schools, pray for your country, and bring Jesus Christ into every
aspect of your life. If you don't you will perish. There's only one
hope, there's only one way, there's only one future and that is in Jesus
Christ. Without Jesus Christ there is no hope. Dear friends, God has
given this wonderful country, this unique country, a last chance, He has
given you a last chance, make a good use of it. Be serious, accept it
with gratitude. Repent and turn to Jesus, clean out your house clean out
your act. Clean out your life and get real with Jesus Christ and He
will be real to you. He will be a Father for you, and you will be a
child to Him. Get real with Jesus Christ. This is your last chance.
May Jesus bless you.

Wrath of God on Wrath of God on America - Warning to Repent - Prophecy April 28, 2008.

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