Friday, January 27, 2017

Tribulation and Judgment

Jesus Christ promised His followers one thing in this world; you will have much tribulation. If you follow Jesus Christ you will suffer tribulation from the moment that you make your decision to follow Jesus, and you pick up your cross and follow Him. From their very day that you accept Jesus and start following Him, you will suffer tribulation you will suffer tribulation at the hand of the false Christians, and you will suffer discipline and correction from the hand of God because He prunes every branch that bears fruit. He corrects every child that He loves. He disciplines every child that he accept.
Those who do not suffer tribulation are not following Jesus Christ. Those you are not being corrected and disciplined my God they are not of Him. Very few except correction. Most believers turn back to the ways of the world. They love the prosperity preachers who are all liars, the false prophets that prophesy good times; physical and financial blessings. When you follow Jesus Christ you will suffer pain, you will suffer a rejection, you will have to give up, sacrifice. He will not force it on you. He will ask it from you and if you are not willing to give up everything He asks of you, you are not worthy of Him. If you do not submit to Him and allow Him to form and make you, to use you as He pleases, for His purpose and for His kingdom, then you are not worthy of Him and you are not suitable for His kingdom because you will not bear fruit if you do not remain in Christ. If you cannot even give up the lust of your flesh, the pleasures of the world, your own ambitions, your selfishness and your sins, your TV, your pride, your selfishness, you cannot follow Jesus Christ.
Most professing Christians do not know Jesus. They are not following Him. The churches of this world are the false Church, the broad road to destruction. They are having a good time now. They await God's judgment because if we do not suffer correction, and tribulation, discipline at the hand of God, then we will not learn to be pleasing to Him; we will not be molded and made into His image. Jesus Christ Himself although he was a son, learned through what He suffered. If you follow Jesus you will suffer all the time, all the way, until the very end. To follow Jesus Christ is a road of suffering. We must enter into the kingdom of God through much tribulation.
Most professing believers are having a good time. They are not of Jesus but they will be judged by God. God will judge His people, He will judge everyone who calls himself by the name of Jesus. If you call yourself a Christian, if you call on the name of Jesus, if you associate with Jesus He will punish you, will correct you, and if you refuse that correction, He will cut you off, you will end up in hell. You have no security of salvation. Jesus said that those who endure until the end will be saved. There is no easy way into the kingdom of heaven. It is a road of tribulation, of suffering, Those who endure until the end will win the prize of eternal life. Those who quit, those who deny Jesus, those who seek worldly pleasures and go back to their vomit, to their own desires, the things of the world, will get cut off and will come under the judgment of God.  God will judge his people and only those who are worthy, will enter His kingdom. Only those who endure with Jesus, those who suffer correction, tribulation, and stay with Jesus until the end, they will enter into His kingdom. If you are not suffering tribulation you are not following Jesus Christ, you are on the broad road to destruction.
If you want eternal life you have to go after Jesus, and you will suffer rejection, you will suffer tribulation, until the very end, if you stay with Jesus.
May Jesus bless you.

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