Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Living by the Holy Spirit Guidance

To be a child of God is not just a belief. It is a way of living. It means to be led by the Holy Spirit, to truly know Jesus Christ for real, to seek His guidance in all things, and to do what He tells us to do, in real life. Many believers want to fit Jesus Christ into their life, but if we follow Jesus then He is our life, and He directs our footsteps, He provides in all our needs, He guides us and He teaches us, but we have to trust Him and follow Him; and that is what most believers never do. They have a form of godliness, they have religion, but they do not have Jesus. They do not know Jesus, they do not follow Him. They follow their own mind and they want Jesus to do things for them, according to their plan.

The kingdom of God is about Jesus Christ, and if we want to enter His kingdom, we have to follow and obey Him. He put us where we are for His purpose, and we can only serve Him, and serve His purpose if we are truly led by the Holy Spirit. But if we follow our own mind and try to get Jesus to do for us and give to us, what we think, then our lives are about ourselves; then it's not about Jesus. Jesus has a plan and a purpose for each of us, and we have to ask Him, seek His guidance trust Him, wait on Him, believe when He speaks to us, and then obey. Very few people do that.

Since I have committed my life to Jesus He has directed my footsteps. Both my wife and me serve Jesus together, and He has very often given us direction, and very clear direction. I will share a few instances with you. Some years ago Jesus showed my wife that we were to buy a piece of land close to where we used to live. The street name that He gave her was a River road. When we came to the place that Jesus had shown her it was a new development that we did not even know about, and we picked out a stand that we bought on his command and later we found out that it was River road. We built a house on that stand and later Jesus told us to sell it and use the proceeds to do what He further wanted us to do.

Jesus has guided us step-by-step in many instances, many circumstances. When we had a family crisis we prayed, and Jesus gave us clear direction when.  When I had  crises at work, industrial problems, I would pray and Jesus would give me clear direction. He would give me a dream, or He would tell me what to do. There are hundreds of instances that I can share with you that Jesus told us to do things; told me to go and speak to a specific person. Jesus sent me to university to go and study when I had no desire to study, but I obeyed Him. Jesus sent me to the United States, I had no desire to go there, but it was all for His purpose. We cannot tell Jesus what He must do for us. It is about us doing His will, being useful for Him and for His kingdom. If Jesus Christ is not our life, then we are not following Him. If we still want to have our own life, do our own things, and it's about us.

Many people want to use Jesus for their own purpose, they want Jesus to give them talents to do certain things, to achieve certain things in life. They want Jesus to enable them to go to college, or to do certain things; but is that the will of God? Is that His plan? We can only be pleasing to Jesus if we seek His will, seek His guidance. You might want to marry a certain girl or boy; that might not be the person that God has in mind for you, but you want that person, that is your desire. We must submit ourselves to Jesus, get our focus on Him and He will guide us, He will teach us, He will supply in all our needs. He will enable us to do everything that He requires of us, and we will bear fruit for His kingdom, because without Jesus we can do nothing.

Jesus Christ is real. He's alive, He is God, you first need to be born again and know Jesus Christ for real before you can follow Him, but you have to be serious. If you are not serious about following Jesus, then He will not guide you, and if He speaks to you, you will doubt and then you will totally go into darkness, because we follow Jesus by faith not by our own desires, or our own opinion. He often tells us to do things that are opposed to what we thought. We must not lean on our own understanding, but totally trust in Jesus and seek to please Him. If we still seek to please ourselves and other people, if we are still worried about what others think of us, then we cannot be concerned about what Jesus thinks or whether He is pleased with us. We must absolutely and totally submit ourselves to Jesus, trust Him, ask His guidance, be serious, wait on Him and He will guide us, every step of the way. Will it be easy? No, because it's not rational; it's not like the rest of the world; it's not like the other people, because we are following and obeying the unseen God, but He manifests Himself in that which we can see and touch, in real life. If you do not follow and obey Jesus, if you do not trust Him with all your heart, you will never get to know Him. We have to fully trust, obey and follow Jesus, obey Him. He will reveal Himself to us if we seek Him with all our heart. Jesus Christ is real, He is God, He is alive. If we do not experience Him as real, it is because we do not really know Him.

May Jesus bless you.

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