Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Real Faith Produces ACTION

Faith that does not
produce action is useless,it is dead. The Apostle James wrote that
just like the body without the Spirit is dead, even the same, faith
without works is dead. If we say that we believe that Jesus Christ is
Lord, then certainly we must obey Him. Jesus Christ commanded those
who believed in Him, to follow Him.
Those who did believed in
Him, did follow Him. They obeyed His words and they followed Him.
Those who did not believe, took no action. If you truly believe that
Jesus Christ is Lord, and that He will judge all mankind, if you
truly believe that Jesus Christ is God, you will fear Him. If you
believe that He is alive then you will want to know Him. But most
believers do not believe that Jesus Christ is God; they do not
believe that He is alive, they believe lies. They have been told that
they only need to believe in Jesus Christ for salvation, and then
they will have eternal life. They are foolish. Faith without works is
Jesus Christ said:"Why
do you call Me Lord, Lord and you do not want I say? If Jesus Christ
is Lord, then certainly we must obey Him in order to enter His
kingdom. If we disobey Him, we are not serious, and we will perish.
Jesus Christ commanded that each and everyone who believes in Him,
must obey His words, because His words are the words of eternal life
for those who obey Him. If you truly believe in Jesus Christ you will
go after Him. You will turn away from going after your own senseless
desires and ambitions. You will turn away from sin, you will go after
Jesus, you will obey Him, repent, stop sinning, be holy, and you will
be baptized in water for the washing off of your sin, like Jesus
Christ commanded. Jesus Christ promised His Holy Spirit will come and
dwell in each and every person who obeys His words, who repents and
who is baptized. The Spirit of Christ will come and dwell with them,
and He will guide them. He will teach them, they will get to know
Him. They will follow Him and they will serve Him. We cannot serve
Jesus Christ if we do not have the Holy Spirit. We cannot follow
Him, if we do not hear His voice, but we will not hear His voice, we
will not receive the Holy Spirit, if we do not obey Him and turn from
our own wicked ways, turn from our own senseless existence, and go
after Him. But if you do not believe in Jesus, you will do nothing.
You will, just like so many deceived believers, also believe that you
have salvation because you believe in Jesus Christ, and you will
quote Bible verses to prove it, but you don't know Jesus, you don't
know His voice, you have no relationship with Him. You are only
fooling yourself because faith without action is dead. Do you believe
in Jesus Christ?
Do you obey Him? Have you
repented, stopped sinning? Have you been baptized in water? Have you
received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and you hear His voice? Do
you follow Him? Do you go after Him? Do you bear fruit for the
kingdom of God, because you work for the kingdom of God, because you
are in Christ? Or are you dead in your sins, because your faith is
dead? It has not produced any action? Faith without works is dead. Is
your faith alive dear friend? Do you truly know Jesus Christ and are
you bearing fruit for the kingdom of God?
May Jesus bless you.

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