Saturday, January 7, 2017

How to be Born Again

You have to be born again to enter the kingdom of heaven, and there's only one person who can
make you knew, that can make you a child of God, and that is Jesus
Christ. But He will only do it if you truly desire to be born again.
If you truly want to be born again you have to decide, and make up
your mind whether you want to follow and obey Jesus Christ, whether
you want to live according to His commands. You must make up your
mind whether you are willing to deny yourself, to give up yourself,
to give up your own desires, to give up your sin, whether you are
willing to give up everything, to obey Jesus Christ.
If you are not determined
to live according to the words of Jesus, if you're not determined to
stop sinning, to turn away from sin, and from going after the lust of
the flesh, and the things of the world, then you're not serious. If
you're not serious, then you are wasting your time asking Jesus to
make you new, because Jesus will answer your prayer, and He will make
you new, if you are serious. If you pray and repent of your sin, from
your heart and you committed to never go back to that same sin again,
you committed to be holy and to obey the words of Jesus at all costs,
then He will answer your prayer. If you believe that Jesus is God,
that He is real, then He will answer your prayer, but if you're not
serious, you will not be born again. If you're not willing to obey
all the commands of Jesus, the words that He spoke, to repent, and be
baptized in water, and to receive the Holy Spirit, to listen to, and
obey the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ, living in you, and to be
led by the Spirit; if you're not willing and eager to follow and obey
Jesus, and go with Him all the way, then your prayer is fruitless,
you will not be born again.
If you are serious about
being born again, being a child of God, different from the rest of
the world, being like Jesus, and you pray, and you ask Him, He will
change you, He will make you new inside. He will forgive your past
sins, He will receive you with joy, He will give you peace, a peace
that passes all understanding, but if you are not serious, nothing
will happen; you will just go on the same as you were before and you
will end up in hell. If you want to be born again, you have to
believe that Jesus is God, that He is real. You have to believe His
words, and commit to obey Him, and follow Him, until the very end; to
turn away from sin, and sin no more, to be baptized in water, and to
seek His Holy Spirit, to dwell in you, to guide you, to seek His
voice, to listen to Him and follow Him, every day. If you are that
Jesus will make new, you
will become a child of God. But if those things are not present with
you, if you never stop sinning, if you were not baptized in water, if
you were not led by the Holy Spirit, then you were not born again.
Many people have been deceived; they have been told that if they just
believe, and say a prayer after somebody else, then they are born
again. If there's no fruit, there's no proof that you've changed,
that you are like Jesus Christ, and that you are living for the
kingdom of God, then you 're not born again. Are you born again? Has
Jesus changed you, and is that change outwardly visible, by all
people, that you are like Jesus Christ, you born again. Have you been
born again?
May Jesus bless you.

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