Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Christian LABEL worn by FAKES

Many people wear the
Christian label but they are not children of God. They call
themselves Christians, but they are fake because they are not
followers of Jesus Christ. It is not what you believe, what you
profess, that matters. It is what you are.
If you are not born again,
if you are not a child of God and if you do not obey Him, if you do
not follow Jesus Christ, then you are not a Christian, you are a
flake. Most professing Christians do not know Jesus Christ and they
will end up in hell, because they do not follow him. They do not obey
His words. They just wear the label. If you follow Jesus then you are
led by the Holy Spirit, you are born again, you obey His words; you
have repented because you believed in Him, you have been baptized in
water because you want to obey Him, and you have received the Holy
Spirit, because you sought after the Gift that He promised to those
who love Him, and who wish to follow Him; you are led by the Holy
Spirit everyday because you follow Jesus. If you do not follow and
obey Jesus Christ you are not a Christian, you are just deceived, you
are just wearing a label.
How real is your
relationship with Jesus Christ? Do you know Him? Do you hear His
voice? Do you follow Him? Do you obey Him, or do you just wear the
May Jesus bless you.

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