Saturday, January 20, 2018

A Word from the Lord

A child of God wants to, and hears from
his Father. He hears from God. Jesus said: "My sheep hear My
voice and they follow Me." Man shall not live from bread alone
but from every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. A true
child of God wants to hear from God Himself, wants to hear from Jesus
Christ all the time because He is a disciple, he is a follower of
Jesus, and he lives from every word that proceeds from the mouth of
Many believers I think that God speaks
through the Bible, or through their pastor or through other people,
they have not been taught to listen to Jesus. To them Jesus is not
real. They do not know Him and they do not listen to Him. They do not
follow Him, but Jesus wants to speak to each and every one who comes
to Him, who accepts Him as Lord and Master. We have to wait on Jesus,
trust Him, listen to Him and He will speak to us, in all
circumstances, at any time, but we must be tuned in and attentive
waiting on Him.
Recently I was in hospital. I was very
sick lying in ICU and Jesus spoke to me. He told me things about the
future. He said to me that I've got much work to do. Even though I
was sick to death and twice I almost died, He had a purpose with me
while I was in hospital. I could witness for Him to many people whom
otherwise I would never have reached. It is all in God's plan.
We have to be tuned in to Jesus,
trusting Him, in all circumstances. Waiting on Him, listening, and He
will speak to us. He will guide us and He will use us for His
kingdom and we will bear fruit that brings glory unto Him. If we do
not hear His voice, if we do not listen, if we do not follow Him, if
we do not remain in Him, we cannot bear fruit for the kingdom of God
because then we don't know Him and he will say to many believers:"Go
away I never knew you you workers of iniquity" because they
didn't listen to Him. They went their own way, they followed their
own mind they listened to other people. They never received a word
from the Lord. The Lord is speaking toyou now. If you will just
listen you will hear. Trust Him, wait on Him and listen. He will
speak in your spirit and you will hear Him loud and clear. Jesus
speaks to His sheep
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May Jesus bless you.

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