Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Most Christians do not believe

Most professing Christians do not
really believe that Jesus Christ is Lord. They do not believe that He
is the final authority and that He will judge all mankind. They do
not really believe His words They just believe in some gospel that is
not the truth.
Jesus Christ is the only way. If we
believe in Him and we believe that He is Lord, then we must obey Him
or else we will perish. Even His disciples that not all believe and
on one occasion Jesus said to them that:"Some of you do not
believe." At one point, when many of His disciples left Him, He
said to the twelve:"Do you not also want to leave Me?" and
Peter said to Him:"Lord, where shall we go? You have the words
of eternal life."
The words of Jesus are the words of
eternal life for those who obey Him, for those who obey His
Commandments, for those who repent and are baptized, who turn from
their own wicked ways and their own selfish ways, and they go after
Jesus. He gives His Spirit in them to teach and guide them. They get
to know Him for real. They follow Him and they become part of His
kingdom, because they really believe. If we do not obey the words of
Jesus as recorded also in the gospel Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
then we do not really believe, and we are deceiving ourselves. Many
go to church, they read the Bible they belong to a church and they
believe that they are saved because, they believe in Jesus but they
do not really believe because they do not obey Him. They do not know
Him, they do not follow Him. His sheep hear His voice. They listen to
Him and follow Him.
Are we one of His sheep? Do we hear His
voice? Do we follow and obey Him? Do we truly believe in Jesus
May Jesus bless you.

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