Monday, January 15, 2018

The False Grace Gospel

There is only one Savior. There's only
one Lord and Master and that is Jesus Christ. There is only one
gospel that can save from hell and damnation and that is the words of
Jesus Christ; to believe in Him, to follow Him and to obey Him.
His words alone are the words of
eternal life as they are recorded in the gospel Matthew, Mark, Luke
and John. The words that He delivered Himself are the words of life
to those who obey Him; to repent and be baptized, and to live in
holiness and righteousness as Jesus commanded, to seek Him with all
our heart and He will reveal Himself to us. He will give His Holy
Spirit in us to teach us and to guide us and we will know Him for
There is no other gospel that can save.
Religious people have concocted, have made up other gospels from the
words of the Apostles, Paul and the others, that you can be saved and
have salvation security by just believing in Jesus. That is a lie.
You have to know Him and know Him for real.
He will say to many people on that day
that they die: "Go away, I never knew you." They believed
that they were saved and they believed that they had salvation, they
knew many Bible verses to prove their salvation, but they never knew
Jesus Christ.
Without Jesus we can do nothing. We
have to follow and obey Him. We have to know Him for real. He is away
and the life and the truth, there is no other way. His words alone
are the words of eternal life. If we do not obey Him we will perish.
Do not be deceived, get to know Jesus for real. Seek Him with all
your heart until you find Him.
Follow Him until the very end or else
you will perish. There is only one way and that is Jesus Christ.
May Jesus bless you.

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