Sunday, January 14, 2018

We are not all called to preach

We are not all called to be preachers
but all of us who follow Jesus Christ will be disciples, and we will
be witnesses for Him. I've just come out of hospital and I've been
there for an extended time. I was in ICU for more than four weeks,
but it was all by the plan of our Lord and Master, because He sent me
in there to be His witness.
I had the opportunity to witness to so
many nurses and doctors and hospital personnel. We are here to be
witnesses for Jesus and He gives us the opportunity to witness for
Him. If we love Jesus Christ and He is our life, then we will use
every opportunity to witness for Him and to shine for Him. The first
thing that nurses normally asked me is where do I come from, because
I've got an accent, and then I tell them I come from South Africa,
and they ask me why am I here and then I say because God sent me.
Then I can start and I can give them my whole testimony how I had a
heart attack and I died and I went to hell, even though I was a
Christian and I thought I was saved. I can share with him how I truly
got to know Jesus Christ and how He sent me to come and share the
true gospel of Jesus Christ. It is our duty and our privilege to be
witnesses for Jesus.
You do not learn to witness for Jesus.
You witness for Jesus Christ because He is real to you, because He is
your Lord and Master, because He is your life, because you truly
believe in Him. We are not all called to preach but we are all called
to be witnesses for Jesus, and if we do not witness for Him and if
our light does not shine for Him, then we are not worthy of Him.
Jesus said that if we deny Him, He will certainly also deny us. It is
easy for us to talk about other things, about our achievements, about
our country, about our children, about our family and about our
education, about our work, but those things are not important. What
is important, is Jesus Christ and His kingdom.
If Jesus is the center of our life and
then that is what we will be talking about. We will not struggle to
witness for Jesus. Jesus will be the first name and the first thing
on our tongue when we speak to people. We will be living witnesses
for Jesus Christ. We witness for Jesus because He is real to us,
because He is our Lord and Master, because He is our life and if we
do not have that desire to constantly witness for Jesus and talk
about Jesus then our relationship with Him is just not right.
Is our relationship with Jesus right?
Are we shining lights for Him? Are we worthy ambassadors for the
kingdom of God? Do we truly know Him and therefore do we witness
about Him? If we do not know Jesus for real and if we do not follow
Him and do not witness for Him then He will one day say to us:"Go
away, I never knew you."
Do we really know Jesus? Do we love Him
and are we worthy witnesses for Him. Jesus is Lord. He is King of
kings and Lord of lords. Jesus Christ is the final authority. He is
God Almighty. Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that
Jesus Christ is Lord, and we must proclaim his name we must proclaim
His kingdom and proclaim His glory.
May Jesus bless you.

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