Sunday, January 21, 2018

Jesus will speak to you

Jesus guides, speaks to, and teaches
each and every disciple that follows Him. Jesus calls us to
discipleship. He says:" Follow Me." Most believers do not
know Jesus. They believe some gospel by which they are saved if they
just believe in Jesus Christ, and that is a false gospel.
The true gospel of Jesus Christ is
about following Him, obeying Him, being led by the Holy Spirit. Jesus
said to the disciples that He will not leave them as orphans but He
will send the Comforter, the Holy Spirit, His own Spirit, to come and
dwell in them, to be with them for ever; to teach and guide them and
that was promised to each and every person who accepts Jesus Christ
and who follows Him, who obeys Him, who repents, turns to Jesus,
seeks Him with all his heart, is baptized in water, Jesus will guide
him. He will speak to him. If we need wisdom we must ask of Jesus and
He will give freely. How can we follow Him if we do not hear Him, if
we are not led by the Holy Spirit? We cannot just go by reading the
Bible and assuming certain things. We have to hear from Him.
His sheep hear His voice. They listen
to Him. They follow Him. If we seek Him, we find Him. If we are
serious about following Him He will guide us, but we must seek the
kingdom of God. We must seek to follow Him. We must seek His will,
not our own will, not our own desires, not our own plans, not own
ambitions. If we're not seeking the kingdom of God then we are not
serious about following Jesus Christ and He will not answer us. If we
ask him about our own affairs He will not answer us, but He will
guide us into all truth, He will guide us into His will, He will
guide us into fruitfulness for His kingdom. Jesus will speak to each
and every one of us if we would just seek Him with all our heart and
seek His will, His kingdom, His righteousness, His approval, then He
will speak to us. We will clearly hear Him, but we have to seek His
will, we have to seek His kingdom, not our own. Jesus guides each and
every disciple. That is what he calls us for. He guides us into being
obedient children of God that do the will of God, that build the
kingdom of God, that are occupied with the kingdom of God, but we
have to set our mind, our heart, our everything, on Jesus and seek to
please Him. Then He will reveal Himself to us.
Many think that they can use Jesus for
their own benefit, to enrich themselves. God is not fooled. We have
to seek His kingdom, His will, His approval. He will speak to us, He
will reveal Himself to us and we will get to know Him for real. The
true child of God hears from God every day. The truth child of God is
led by the Holy Spirit. Those who assume that they are saved will
have a terrible surprise when Jesus says to them on the day that they
die:"Go way I never knew you." We have to know Him, hear
from Him and be led by Him. Seek Him with all your heart and He will
reveal Himself to you.
May Jesus bless you.

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