Monday, January 22, 2018

Salvation is not a formula or series of actions

Salvation is not a formula. I it is not
a series of steps that you take. It is not just believing in Jesus
Christ. Salvation is is knowing the Living God, Jesus Christ, and
serving Him, obeying Him, being in the right relationship with Him.
Jesus Christ is alive and if we do not know Him, follow Him and obey
Him, we will not have salvation. Jesus Christ is the way and He
teaches us the way. He shows us the way.
We have to know Him and follow Him.
Believers have been taught to believe in some theology, a series of
steps that they take and then they have salvation; believing in Jesus
and then they have salvation, that is not the truth. Salvation is
about our relationship with Jesus Christ, because He is the Living
God. He speaks. His sheep hear His voice and they listen to Him.
Salvation is not just a theory or a
methodology, it is Jesus Christ. It is the same as your relationship
with any other person. You have to work on your relationship, you
have to secure your relationship. You have to make sure that your
relationship is right. If you do not work on your relationship it
will die.
Most believers have no relationship
with Jesus Christ. They have never met Him. There are conditions to
our relationship with Jesus Christ. Firstly we have to believe that
He is whom He said He is, that He is God, and if we believe that
Jesus Christ is Lord, then we must obey His words, the words that He
spoke, that He delivered, as they are also recorded in the Gospels
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. If we truly believe in Jesus we will
obey Him; we will repent, turn away from sin, turn away from our own
ways, turn to Jesus, seek Him with all our heart,. Obey Him, be
baptized in water, and then He will reveal Himself to us. He will
become real to us, we will know Him for real. We will have a real
relationship with Him and that relationship has to grow through our
fellowship with Him, daily walking with Him, listening to Him,
obeying Him. If you have not made that connection with Jesus, that
you truly know Him, then you do not have salvation. You can read the
Bible as much as you want. You can apply biblical principles as much
as you want. You can be as religious as you possibly can, but if you
do not know Jesus Christ He will say to you when you die:"Go
away I never knew you."
We have to seek Jesus, we have to obey
His commands. We have to go after Him and He will reveal Himself to
us. He will speak to us every day. You have to forget everything
that you've heard that you've learned and you've got to get to know
Jesus Christ. It is useless to know Bible verses, to know the Bible,
to go to church, to belong to a church, to have a fellowship with
your church club members, if you do not have that relationship with
Jesus, if you do not know Him. There is one vital relationship and
that is your relationship with Jesus Christ. If that is missing then
you do not have any hope of salvation. You have to know follow and
obey Jesus Christ. Without Jesus Christ we have no hope, no future,
no expectation. D
Do you know Jesus? Have you come to
know Him for real? How is your relationship with Jesus Christ? Are
you following and obeying Him? Are you living for the kingdom of God?
May Jesus bless you.

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