Saturday, January 27, 2018

Celibacy Homelessness and other Discipleship Fallacies

Many people have been led to believe
that if they want to serve the kingdom of God and be pleasing to
Jesus they must become celibate, in other words, not marry, remain
single, or they must become homeless, desert their family and
responsibilities, and become homeless to follow Jesus. Others believe
that they must become a priest, or a monk, or a nun, or a pastor in
order to serve God, That
is not the truth.
We cannot serve the kingdom of life by
becoming celibate or becoming a pastor or a priest or a nun. We serve
Jesus Christ through our relationship with Him. The only way that we
can please Jesus is if we follow Him, if we do what is pleasing to
Him. In order to do that we must have a close relationship with Him,
we must be led by the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ will lead us and
He will guide us, and He will use us for His kingdom. many people
have decided to be celibate, to become a priest, or a nun, or a
pastor, or to desert their family and give up their jobs and they
lifestyle and go after some theory. We cannot serve Jesus if we do
not live in close relationship with Him. We cannot be pleasing to Him
if we are not guided by the Holy Spirit. Jesus will teach and guide
us and He will use us for His kingdom if we submit to Him, if we obey
His words but firstly we need to get to know Him. We need to repent,
be baptized in water. We need to be born again, be filled with the
Holy Spirit and then Jesus will guide us. He will never force us. He
will guide us into that which He has planned for us. He will not take
us away from our responsibilities. He will not cause us to break up a
marriage. He will take us from where we come from where we have found
him, and he will transform us. He will teach us and He will guide us
and He will gently guide us into His purpose for our lives. Many
people have become bitter against God because they have followed an
ideology, they have followed their own minds, they have built up
theories from reading of the writings of Paul who said that it's
better for a man not to marry but to remain single. Truly it is
better to be single if you really want to dedicate your life to
Jesus, but if that is not what He requires of you then you are doing
a sacrifice which is not pleasing to Him.
We need to be led by the Holy Spirit.
We need to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. God made us men
and women, He made the family and we as parents need to bring up the
next generation of children of God, of God-fearing people. We need to
let our light shine. We need to make our contribution in this world
in the way that Jesus tells us to do so. When you follow Jesus He
will guide you into which job to take. He will guide you into where
to live, whom to get married to. He will guide your footsteps, but
you need to follow Him. You cannot direct your own life in such a way
that you are pleasing to God if you do not hear from God. The only
way to be pleasing to Jesus is to work your relationship with Him. To
stay close to Him, to be led by the Holy Spirit, to seek His guidance
in all things, and He will use you, He will guide you.
My wife and I are both disciples of
Jesus and He guides us, but we each have our own relationship with
Jesus. We do not follow after each other. We follow Jesus, but He put
us together as a team, and we need to stay focused on Him in order
for Him to use us. If we look at pleasing each other instead of being
pleasing to Jesus, then we cannot be pleasing to Him. Jesus must be
the first priority in our lives. Do not follow after your own mind or
after what other people say. You need to follow after Jesus to be
pleasing to Him. You need to hear from Him and He speaksvery clearly.
Jesus often tells me the same thing three times, just to make sure
that I got the message. Jesus speaks loud and clear, but we have to
be serious about following Him.
Follow after Jesus and not after
people. If you're not sure about something that you've heard from the
Lord, ask Him and He will confirm it to you again, because He wants
to teach us. He wants to guide us and He wants us to bear fruit for
His kingdom, but we can only do that if we stay with Him, stay
focused on Him, listen to Him and follow Him alone. Jesus alone is
the way the truth and the life and in Him we will have peace, when we
follow Him and do His will.
May Jesus bless you.

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