Sunday, January 28, 2018

False Teachings of Tithes, Sabbath and Law

The kingdom of God is not about tithing
and about keeping the law of Moses, observing the Sabbath. It is
about serving the King, Jesus Christ. It is about living in close
relationship with Him, under guidance of the Holy Spirit. The kingdom
of God is not about money, but the kingdoms of church are about
Jesus did not command His disciples to
go all over the world, start churches and sign up the members up to
pay tithes. He commanded His disciples to go all over the world and
preach the gospel, His words, His commands, the words that He spoke,
and to make disciples of all nations to baptize them in the Name of
the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Jesus commanded His
disciples to make disciples, not to build churches, and that is what
the secular churches are doing today. They are not of the kingdom of
God. They are building their own kingdoms and they demand of members
to pray tithes, and more, to them. It is all about money. It is not
about the kingdom of God. It is not about bringing people into
relationship with Jesus, because they themselves do not know Jesus
Jesus did not preach money, tithes and
Sabbath, and keeping the law of Moses. He preached the kingdom. He
said:"Follow Me." Jesus promised the Holy Spirit, the
Comforter, to those who obey His gospel, to those who believe,
repent, and are baptized in water, He promised that He would give His
Holy Spirit, to be with them, in them, and to guide them. They will
live in communion with Him, He will reveal Himself to them, and they
will know them for real. The kingdom of God is about our relationship
with Jesus Christ, knowing Him for real, serving Him as Lord and
Master. It is not about money. It is not about organizations. It is
not about fellowship with other believers. Those are all the
teachings of the church community, of the churches, people that do
not know Jesus Christ. They use the gospel for their own benefit.
Jesus does not require of us 10%, He requires of us to submit
ourselves to Him 100%, and to follow Him, to abandon our own ways, to
forsake our own desires, and to go after Him; to stop sinning, to
stop going after the pleasures of sin, and to seek His kingdom, His
righteousness, His approval, to follow Him every day, not to observe
special days, Sabbath's and feast days, but to follow and obey Him.
Jesus Christ did not teach the Law. He
gave the words of eternal life, His words as they are also recorded
in the Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, the commands of Jesus.
To those who obey His words, those are the words of eternal life.
Those words will judge each and everyone. Those who disregard His
words will perish. The kingdom of God is about serving and obeying
Jesus Christ. Do not be deceived by churches, that teach you that you
must pay tithes that you must obey the Sabbath, that you must keep
the Ten Commandments.
We have to obey the words of Jesus to
have eternal life. There is no other way. Jesus Christ is the way, He
is the truth, He is the life. If you want eternal life you must obey
Jesus Christ. Obey His words, repent and be baptized, seek Him with
all your heart. He will give his Holy Spirit in you, to teach and
guide you, and if you follow Him until the very end you, will have
eternal life. Jesus Christ alone is the way. His words alone are the
words of eternal life. Obey Him and you will live, you will have
eternal life.
May Jesus bless you.

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