Tuesday, January 30, 2018

My Mission

My mission is to make disciples of
Jesus Christ. That is the same mission that Jesus gave to His
disciples before He ascended. He said:"Go into all the world and
make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the
Father the Son and the Holy Ghost, and teaching them to observe all
that I commanded you." That is the mission that Jesus has given
to His followers, His disciples.
Jesus never commanded that we build
churches. He commanded that we make disciples, people who know Him
and who follow Him, people that obey His commands, His words, the
words that He delivered, the gospel of Jesus Christ, as also recorded
in the Gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Those are the words of
eternal life. The only way to have salvation is to obey Jesus Christ,
to obey His words, to repent and be baptized in water, and to live
according to His Commandments, His teachings; and if we do that, He
promised to give His Holy Spirit in us to be with us, to guide us and
to teach us. Jesus Christ Himself will come and dwell in and with us.
We will know Him for real and we will follow Him, serve Him and obey
Him, that is what
discipleship is all about.
The many Gospels that are being
preached by churches today are deception. To just believe in Jesus
Christ cannot save you. You have to obey His commands, obey his
teachings. You must become a disciple. You have to receive the
baptism in the Holy Spirit. You have to get to know Jesus Christ for
real. You have to be led by the Holy Spirit. Those who are being led
by the Spirit of God. They are the sons of God, they are children of
God. Most Christians are just believers, but they believe in vain
because they have no relationship with Jesus. They are not disciples.
They do not follow nor obey Him. Many are just Bible students. Many
are just religious, but they have no knowledge of God. They do not
live in holiness and in obedience to Jesus. They are sinners. They
are the same as the rest of the world. They just believe that they
have salvation, but they do not have Jesus they do not have
salvation. The only way to have salvation, to have the hope of
eternal life, is to know Jesus Christ for real and we have to obey
His words. We have to seek Him with all our heart and then He will
reveal Himself to us. He will become real to us. We will hear His
voice and we will be able to follow Him.
Jesus said to Nicodemus that unless a
man is born again he cannot enter the kingdom of heaven, he cannot
see the kingdom of heaven. Most professing Christians are not born
again. They have no vision of the kingdom of heaven, they do not know
Jesus Christ. They are lost but they believe that they have
salvation. The only way to have salvation is to have Jesus, to know
Him for real, to hear His voice,
follow Him, to have a real relationship
with Jesus, to be a disciple.
Jesus is alive and those who know Him,
follow Him, but most professing Christians do not know Jesus Christ.
Are you a disciple? Do you know Jesus Christ? Have you repented and
been baptized? Have you received the Holy Spirit? Have you received
the Spirit of Christ in you? Is He dwelling in you? Do you listen to
Him and obey Him? Do you follow Him every day? If you don't you have
no hope of salvation and you are on a terrible road to destruction.
There's only one way. Get to know Jesus Christ. Follow and obey Him
until the very end, or else you will end up in hell.
May Jesus bless you.

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