Saturday, January 31, 2015

Trained Ordained Preachers PROFESSIONAL SORCERERS

Most Christian believers trust more in their trained, ordained pastor or priest than in Jesus Christ. They hang on the lips of these people that call themselves oracles of God. These trained ministers have been taught by MEN and ordained by MEN to manipulate and control the believers. They are false prophets and false leaders, hirelings that draw people unto themselves and not to Jesus Christ. Believers run to these trained ordained sorcerers and get advice and guidance from them rather than go on their knees and call out to Jesus. They rather listen to their pastor or priest or preacher than to spend time listening to Jesus, praying and being led by the Holy Spirit.
They are taught and controlled, manipulated by these trained operators, sorcerers that promise them salvation, eternal life, but they themselves are doomed because they are working for satan and for their churches, not for Jesus Christ and not for the kingdom of God.
Jesus Christ calls us unto Himself and a true preacher, a true child of God will take you to Jesus. Jesus Christ Himself will guide you by His Holy Spirit. You don't need men to teach you. You don't need these sorcerers to explain the Bible to you or to tell you what God is saying. These self-appointed preachers who call themselves mouthpieces of God only look after themselves, they are working for satan, not for the kingdom of God. You have to go to Jesus Christ directly, He will guide you, He will teach you. HE IS ABLE to keep you, HE IS ABLE to teach you, HE IS ABLE to make you a son of God. Do not listen to these sorcerers in the pulpits, appointees of men, go after Jesus, seek Him and He will guide you. Ask Him and He will give you wisdom and understanding. He will tell you everything that you need to know.
Do not trust in man. “Cursed is the man who puts his trust in mankind and turns away from the Lord His God.” Go on your knees and call out to Jesus and He will answer you. He will guide you. He is your Creator, He is your Keeper and He is your Savior. Follow Jesus Christ and nobody else.

May Jesus bless you.

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