Sunday, March 1, 2015

Faith Keeps on TRUSTING

If we believe in something we keep on trusting even though others might think that we are crazy. Often we are disappointed by those things in which we trust, but faith in Jesus does not disappoint. If we truly believe in Jesus we will keep on trusting Him even though others might think that we are crazy.
We will trust Him because we KNOW Him and because we know that Jesus Christ cannot and will not fail.
Jesus Christ rewards those who diligently seek Him, who keep on believeing and who keep on trusting, who keep on obeying and following Him and in the end they receive their reward. Many give up and they lose it all. Many only go with Jesus for a short while, for a short distance then they give up and it is all in vain.
We need to keep on trusting in Jesus until the very end to receive that which He promised. Do not give up on Jesus because Jesus Christ never gave up on you.

May Jesus bless you.

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