Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Jesus' Followers are not DROP OUTS

Those who follow Jesus Christ are not drop outs, they are men and women of ACTION. It takers GUTS and PERSEVERANCE, self-denial and determination to follow Jesus Christ. The difference is that they do not go after their own mind. The do not follow their own understanding, neither do they listen to other people. They go after Jesus Christ and they do HIS WORKS. They do what He commands them to do. They excel in everything that they do, whether it be school or work or marriage. Everything that they do, they do to the glory of God because they do it under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. In everything they do what God tells them to do . They study what God tells them to study, they do the job that God tells them to do. The live where He tells them. They get married to the spouse that He has prepared for them and they follow the road where He guides them
It takes HARD WORK and DETERMINATION to follow Jesus Christ. Quitters and drop outs will not follow Jesus Christ. To follow Jesus Christ does not mean to be homeless or to be a tramp or a beggar. It means to be a SERVANT of the Living God, a person who does the will of God.
Follow Jesus Christ and He will guide you , He will make you bear GOOD FRUIT, fruit that will last for eternity, for His kingdom. Do not worry about tomorrow, what you will eat, what you will drink,where you will life, whom you will get married to, SEEK the kingdom of God and His righteousness and He will guide you every step of the way. He will guide you in everything, in relationships, how to bring up your children , how to deal with other people. He will teach you and He will guide you so that you will DO WELL at everything that He guides you to. A follower of Jesus is a WITNESS of Christ and a representative of the kingdom of God, he is not a drop out.
May Jesus bless you.

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