Saturday, April 11, 2015

Preachers to their liking

Preachers that are accepted and respected by the world are an abomination to God. The worldly churches appoint preachers that have been trained in Bible schools and seminaries  that were set up to produce  preachers that preach to the liking of men. Those preachers preach the words of men to please men, to amuse them and to entertain them. They do not speak the words of God because they do not know God.

You can only preach and speak the words of God., if you follow Jesus Christ and you know His voice. and you hear from Him. Then you can speak His words and just like He was hated, persecuted , rejected and killed those who speak the words of God are also rejected by this wicked generation. They are not respected and they are not accepted.

Men and women of God who speak the words of God are rejected and persecuted. Those who LISTEN and HEAR what they say get to know Jesus Christ and they follow Him. But those who listen to the preachers that are acceptable to this world will end up in damnation if they do not seek the truth and follow Jesus Christ.

The words of Jesus Christ are the words of eternal life and those who speak His words will be rejected by this wicked generation because they hate God and they love their own desires.

Whom do you listen to? The preachers of this world, or have you found Jesus Christ and do you listen to Him? A man of God will lead you to Jesus Christ and if you get to know Him, LISTEN to Him and FOLLOW Him you will LIVE.

Jesus Christ ALONE is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE. Listen to Him, not to people.

May Jesus bless you.

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