Sunday, April 5, 2015

Your Bible is not your link to God

Many brainwashed people who call themselves Christians believe that the Bible is our link to God and to eternal life, that is not true. Every living person has the SPIRIT OF LIFE in them that comes from God. God gives us life and He writes His laws in our heart, in our conscience and He speaks to us but very few people listen or take note. We run after our own desires.
If we purify our hearts and turn away form wickedness,  if we seek the truth then Jesus Christ will reveal Himself to us. Those who are pure in heart, they will SEE God. If we seek truth we find Jesus Christ. He reveals Himself to us and He will put HIS SPIRIT in us. If we embrace Him and accept Him He will come to us and He will guide us into all truth.
The Holy Spirit convicts every person of SIN, RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUDGMENT. We just need to seek the TRUTH. We need to seek Jesus and He will reveal Himself to us. The Holy Spirit will guide us into ALL TRUTH and will TEACH US ALL THINGS. God has not deserted us. He did not send us a Bible. YES, the Bible testifies of Jesus Christ, but it is not our link to God. We need to LISTEN and  our SOUL WILL LIVE. We need to bow down before the Living God and seek the Truth and He will reveal Himself to us. If we seek Him, we find Him. If we draw closer to Him, He draws closer to us.
Seek the TRUTH, seek Jesus and He will reveal Himself to you. ASK Him and He will give His Spirit in you to guide you into all truth. You do not need a man to teach you. All you need is Jesus Christ.
May Jesus bless you.

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