Thursday, April 30, 2015

Do Not Compromise Draw A Line

We live in a world where everything
evil and wicked has become acceptable and tolerable. If we want
eternal life we will have to be holy, righteous and obedient to Jesus
Christ and we will have to distance ourselves from the world and from
the ways of the world. It is commonly acceptable to fornicate, to be
immoral, to be gay, to do all those things that are an abomination to
In this wicked society churches accept
immorality, fornication, lesbianism, all the things that God hates
and forbids but Jesus Christ has not changed. If we follow Jesus
Christ we will have to draw the line and not go along with the rest
of the world. We will have to be pure and holy. Without holiness no
man shall see God. Your friends and family and church friends might
be immoral, they might be living together in sin. If you go along
with them you give approval to it. You will have to separate yourself
from them, distance yourself. Decide on which side of the line you
want to stand. If you stand with Jesus you will live, if you go with
the rest of the world you will perish.
This world has been conditioned and
brainwashed by the media and TV, and wickedness is acceptable but not
to the kingdom of God. You HAVE TO draw the line. Separate yourself
from them, be holy, obey Jesus Christ and follow Him. SIN NO MORE
into the kingdom of God. They will perish. You have to choose, DRAW

May Jesus bless you.

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