Tuesday, April 14, 2015

You cannot bypass Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is LORD. He is the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIFE. All power and all authority belongs to Him ALONE. Jesus Christ is GOD. There is no way that anybody will bypass Jesus Christ into Heaven.

If we do not KNOW Him  FOLLOW Him and OBEY Him He will turn us away. Jesus Christ WARNED. He said many will say to Him in that day that they die:"Lord, Lord, in Your Name we did many things, many miracles. We preached in Your Name. And He will say to them:"Go away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness. He was not talking about unbelievers. He was talking about those who thought that they were saved, those who believed. It is not enough just to believe in Jesus Christ.  We must KNOW Him, follow Him and OBEY Him.

Many believe in Jesus but they do not OBEY His words. They have no relationship with Him. Others think they can bypass Jesus Christ by various ways. Many think that they can get to heaven by doing Bible study, working out their own salvation in their own way. They will perish!

Jesus warned the pharisees. He said:"You diligently search the scriptures in there to find eternal life but you refuse to come to Me." It is the scriptures that testify o Jesus Christ who IS LORD. He is the FINAL AUTHORITY, nothing and nobody else. He is the WORD OF GOD. Jesus Christ is the final judge. He is the Door through which we enter into the kingdom of Heaven IF we KNOW Him, IF He APPROVES of us, and if we do not know Him NOW and He does not approve of us NOW and we do not endure with Him until the end WE WILL PERISH. The disobedient will PERISH. The SINNERS will NOT enter the kingdom of Heaven. Many are BELIEVERS but they do not follow Jesus. They are not holy, they do not obey Him, they will perish.

You WILL NOT bypass Jesus Christ.

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