Saturday, April 4, 2015

Prima Donna Preachers Lead Many to Hell

Many people run after popular, famous name, preachers with mega churches, they hang on their lips. They watch their TV shows, and they read their books, they distribute their media, but these people never come to Jesus Christ. They listen to the wisdoms of these prima donna preachers who have an elevated opinion of themselves.
These preachers speak lofty things, elevated thoughts,  they set unattainable goals that make their hearers feel inadequate. They feel that they must follow these people so that they can attain to their wisdom. They glorify these people, they are mere men.  If these preachers were men and women of God they would take you to Jesus because everything that Jesus commanded is possible, is attainable in Him.
We have to turn from wickedness, stop sinning, be holy, and we can only do that if we follow Jesus Christ, not if we follow people. Once a man or a woman becomes famous and sought after then they become idols, then they take people away from Jesus because they draw them unto themselves. We need to go to Jesus, be lead by the Holy Spirit. We need to follow Jesus every day, listen to His voice and follow Him.
If we seek Jesus we will find Him. If we obey His words He will reveal Himself to us. But if we keep on running after people, blind leaders of the blind,  then we will fall into the ditch with them. There is only ONE person whom we should follow and that is Jesus Christ Himself.
Do not run after famous name preachers or any man for that matter. Seek Jesus. Listen to Him and follow Him. Do not go with the crowds, go with Jesus Christ  where He guides you and He will enable you to attain, to achieve everything that He commands you to do. We CAN do the will of God. We CAN be pleasing to Jesus. We CAN be holy,  we CAN do the works of Christ IF Jesus Christ lives in us and we follow Him, because without Jesus we can do nothing.
All we need is Jesus Christ.
May Jesus bless you.

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