Monday, April 27, 2015

Trusting in Jesus Christ

 Many people confess that they trust in
Jesus for salvation, they believe that because they trust in Jesus
that they will have eternal life but they do not trust Jesus enough
to follow Him. They do not trust Jesus enough to give up everything
and obey Him. They do not trust Him enough to able to pray with all
their heart:"Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done..." and
then to accept whatever comes their way as being from the hand of
God. They trust Jesus to give them WHAT THEY WANT and to allow them
to live the way that they please and then in the end they HOPE and
trust that they will spend eternity with Jesus Christ Whom they never
trusted, Whom they never loved, Whom they never had time for.
Do you trust in Jesus for what you hope
to get from Him or do you really love Him, do you really TRUST Him,
do you trust Jesus Christ enough to follow and obey Him, to live your
life in such a way that you are pleasing to Him? Do you trust Him
enough to abandon everything else and follow after Him?
Do you trust Jesus when He speaks to
you? Do you KNOW His VOICE or do you think maybe it is some demon
that is talking to you? Do you really KNOW Jesus? Do you TRUST Jesus

May Jesus bless you.

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