Thursday, May 14, 2015

Alien and Foreign in Your Own Country

Jesus Christ calls us out to become
children of God and citizens of the kingdom of Heaven, and if we
answer the call we become aliens and foreigners in our own country,
our birth country, and in this world. If we follow Jesus and obey
Him then we do not fit into this world any more. Friends and family
and loved ones reject us because we are not the same any more, we are
not interested in the same things any more. We do not do the same
things, we do not go the same places because we are following Jesus
Christ. We don't do as they do, we don't do as we used to do. We do
the works of God.
Jesus said that those who believe in
Him and who follow Him will do the works that He did and greater
works. They will speak His words and do His deeds, that which He
commands them to do. If we follow and obey Jesus Christ and do as He
commands us and as His Spirit guides us then we are not of this world
but if we do fit into this world then we do not fit into the kingdom
of heaven, then we are not of Jesus Christ.
We have to change, we have to obey
Jesus Christ and do His works and thus we will prove that we are
children of God. If we are loved and accepted in this world then we
are not fit for the kingdom of God. Jesus said of those who follow
Him that we will be hated by all men because of Him. If we fit into
this world we fit out of the kingdom of God, then we are not really
following Jesus Christ and we are not of Him.
Have you become a foreigner and alien
in your own country because you follow Jesus Christ? Or are you
fooling yourself and do you think that you are a child of God just
because you believe in Jesus Christ? We have to FOLLOW and OBEY Jesus
Christ and become aliens and foreigners in this world to be children
of God and inheritors of the Kingdom of Heaven.

May Jesus bless you.

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