Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Peace and Comfort in Uncertain Times

Man lives in a permanent state of
uncertainty, anxiety and insecurity until we find Jesus Christ. Only
Jesus Christ can give us peace that passes all understanding even
though the whole world is falling to pieces around you.
If you KNOW Jesus Christ and you STAY
WITH HIM and in harmony with Him, then He gives you peace that passes
all understanding AS LONG AS you are WITH HIM. Without Jesus we can
do nothing, without Jesus we have no hope, no future and no
security. People want security of salvation, they seek security in
many things, in riches, education and in developing their own
abilities but in the end we are insecure. If our security is in
Christ and our relationship with Him then we always have peace. It
doesn't matter what happens around us or what happens to us, because
our peace is IN Jesus Christ.
Have you found that PEACE that passes
all understanding and are you staying in that peace? Are you staying
WITH Jesus? Or are you still running around? Are you living in
anxiety and uncertainty, fear about tomorrow and about the future?
Seek Jesus Christ. He will give you
PEACE that passes all understanding. Stay WITH HIM and stay IN HIS
WILL and you will have PEACE while the whole world is in turmoil.
Without Jesus Christ we can do nothing.

May Jesus bless you.

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