Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Playing Bible Word Games is Not a Walk with God

Jesus Christ is not interested in which
version of the Bible you read or which church you belong to or with
which Christian friends you fellowship. Jesus Christ is only
interested in one thing and that is whether you KNOW Him. Jesus
Christ said that He will say to many people in that day that they
die:"Go away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness."
He was talking about professing Christians, not about people who do
not believe.
So, how do we get to know Jesus Christ?
Jesus said:"The one who loves Me is the the one who keeps My
words, the one who obeys My commands, and Me and My father will come
and live with him and I will disclose Myself to him." If we seek
Jesus, we find Him. If we obey His words as also recorded in the
gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, then we prove that we love
Him, that we are interested in Him. if we repent from our wicked ways
and seek Him with all our heart, OBEY Him, are baptized in water for
the washing off of our sins as He commanded, then He will reveal
Himself to us , He will give His Holy Spirit to teach us and to guide
us and we will truly get to know Him.
Many believers think that true religion
is playing word games with Bible scripture. Jesus said to the
pharisees, the Bible believers of the time:"You search the
scriptures in there to find eternal life but you REFUSE to come to Me
to have LIFE." Jesus Christ is the Way the Truth and the Life
and He gives eternal life to those who come to Him, who seek Him. He
reveals Himself to them and they get to KNOW Him. They walk with Him
day by day. His Spirit dwells in them and He guides them. He teaches
them His ways. They know Him for real. They don't play Bible games,
scripture games. They walk with God because they KNOW Him. Do you
know Jesus Christ for real? Or are you also just religious? Do you
belong to a church and study your bible, say your prayers and believe
that you have salvation? If you do not know Jesus Christ for real and
have a TRUE real relationship with Him then He will turn you away. He
will say to you:"Go away I never knew you.' Do you really KNOW
Jesus Christ or are you playing scripture games?

May Jesus bless you

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