Monday, May 25, 2015

In Tune With God

God gives LIFE to everything. The LIFE that is in us comes from God. When we were born He gave of His Spirit in us, the spirit of LIFE. When we die that spirit leaves this body and returns to God to either stay with Him for eternity or to be discarded of in eternal damnation if we were not IN TUNE with God during our life.

We have the choice to seek to be IN TUNE with our Creator who made us who gives us LIFE every moment, or to reject Him and to go our own way, to follow our own mind. If we seek God, our Creator, He reveals Himself  to us in Jesus Christ. We come into close UNITY with Him, our spirit unites with Him IN Jesus Christ, If we seek Him. But if we reject Him  we reject eternal life. If we seek TRUTH, if we seek our Creator, then Jesus Christ reveals Himself to and in us, and His Spirit, the Holy Spirit , will guide us into all truth.

The choice is with us. It is not about what we believe IN, it is about KNOWING our Creator, about knowing His voice, about being in tune with Him. If we seek Him we find Him. If we reject Him .we will be discarded of. the choice is ours.

Are you in tune with your Creator? Do you KNOW Jesus Christ? Are you one of His sheep? Do you LISTEN to His voice and do you FOLLOW Him? Is He your Lord and Master? Do you serve Him as KING? Are you part of His kingdom? Or are you living your life to please yourself, going after the pleasures of sin and sensuality? Whatever we sow we will reap. If we seek TRUTH and come into tune with our Creator, Jesus Christ, He will guide us by His Spirit, we will do what is pleasing to Him and we will inherit His kingdom. We will be with Him for eternity.

Are you IN TUNE with your Creator and are you staying in tune with Him every day? Is Jesus Christ your Lord and Master? Do you KNOW Him for REAL?

May Jesus bless you.

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