Thursday, May 7, 2015

Conformed to Churchianity not to Jesus Christ

Many people claim to be Christians and
they belong to different churches, different denominations.
Christians that belong to different denominations are LIKE the others
of that denomination. They have become Catholics and Baptists and
Presbyterians and Pentecostals but they have not become disciples of
Jesus Christ and thus they do not belong to Him.
If we belong top Jesus Christ and we
truly follow Him then we will become like Him, not like another group
of people, not like another church. We will take on the nature of
Christ, not the nature of a denomination. Have you become like Jesus
Christ since you believed? Are you a “church man” or a “God
man”? Do you belong to a church to Jesus Christ? His sheep listen
to His voice and they follow Him and they become LIKE HIM.
Are you truly following Jesus Christ
and have you become LIKE HIM?

May Jesus bless you.

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