Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Revelation never ended

Most professing Christians believe that
revelation from God and of God ended when the last book of the Bible
was written, the Revelation of John, but that is not true. Jesus
Christ said that those who obey His words are the ones who love Him,
and Him and the Father will come and dwell with them and He will
REVEAL HIMSELF to them. Jesus Christ promised the Holy Spirit who
will teach us and who will guide us into all truth and who will take
from Him and who will reveal to those who follow Him, NEW and UNKNOWN
Revelation never ended. But believers
stopped listening to Jesus Christ, they stopped seeking the Holy
Spirit. They are satisfied to read the Bible and to interpret what is
written in the Bible and they believe that is the complete revelation
of God. That is not true. Revelation never ended.
Those who follow Jesus Christ and who
God. He reveals unknown and hidden things to them. Do not run after
the revelations of other people, what they claim to have received
from God, but GO AFTER Jesus, follow Him, LISTEN to Him. Seek the
guidance of the Holy Spirit and you will receive revelation all the
time as long as you follow Jesus Christ. You can only know Jesus
Christ and know the kingdom of God through revelation.
Has Jesus Christ revealed Himself and
His kingdom to you? Are you seeking revelation from God?

May Jesus bless you.

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