Thursday, May 21, 2015

Walking IN Revelation

Believers read the words of Jesus
Christ as they are recorded in the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke and
John but they do not understand what Jesus said because they do not
obey Him. Jesus Christ said that the one who loves Me is the one who
OBEYS My words and Me and My Father will come and live with him and I
will DISCLOSE Myself to him, I will REVEAL Myself to him. If you love
Jesus and you OBEY Him, TURN FROM SIN and from going after your own
desires, seek His will, be baptized in water and seek His guidance,
the guidance of the Holy Spirit, seek the INFILLING of His Spirit,
then Jesus Christ will come and live IN you. He will give His Spirit
in you and with you to guide you and to teach you. He will REVEAL
Himself to you, day by day, moment by moment.
We cannot follow Jesus Christ, we
cannot do His will, we cannot bear His fruit if we do not WALK BY
REVELATION, if He does not constantly reveal His will to us. But if
we do not go after Him and seek His will, if we do not seek His
kingdom and if we do not seek to be pleasing to Him we will not know
His will, we will not know Him, we will not know His will for us in
His kingdom. We will not be able to do the works that He prepared for
us to do. We will not have any relationship with Jesus if we do not
receive REVELATION from Him every day, if He does not DISCLOSE it to
Jesus Christ is the WAY, He is the
TRUTH, He is the LIFE. He goes ahead of us, He opens the road. He
shows us the WAY but if we do not follow Him we cannot see the WAY,
we cannot do the will of God! A disciple of Jesus Christ WALKS IN
REVELATION because he follows his Master. There is only one way to be
pleasing to God and that is to WALK IN REVELATION.
Many people are IN THE WORD, they are
in the books, they are in the teachings of other people but they are
NOT IN THE SPIRIT because they do not know Jesus Christ, they do not
have the Holy Spirit and they are not WALKING IN REVELATION. If Jesus
Christ does not reveal the way to us we cannot know the way. Are you
WALKING IN REVELATION of Jesus Christ every day? Do you really KNOW
Jesus Christ or are you in darkness, walking in BLIND FAITH, destined
for destruction? You can only follow Jesus Christ if you walk in His
REVELATION. Seek Jesus and He will guide you every step of the way.
If you do not follow Him you are LOST!

May Jesus bless you.

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