Friday, May 8, 2015

Prayer that God Answers

God loves us and He cares for us and His ear is inclined to each and every child who earnestly and seriously seeks Him. He listens to our prayers and He will answer. He gives to us what we need often before we ask, but our expectation and our hope must be in Him alone.

If we humble ourselves and come before Him like little children, coming to their father trusting and believing then we will receive an answer to our prayer. We might not always get what we asked for but we will get what is best for us because God knows what is good for us and He cares for us. If we need wisdom and understanding, we must ask Him. If we need guidance we must ASK Him and He will guide us. He will teach us  because He cares for us more than anybody else but we must humble ourselves before Him and come to Him like children, trusting and believing. Then He will answer our prayers and our joy, our peace and our happiness will be IN HIM, knowing that God our Father cares for us.

Do you TRUST in Jesus Christ like a father?

May Jesus bless you.

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