Monday, May 11, 2015

Enemies of God

Whoever wants to be friends with the
world makes himself an enemy of God. If we do in the slightest seek
the approval and acceptance of people, even our own family, our
spouse, our parents, our children then we will deny Jesus Christ. If
Jesus Christ is not FIRST in all things then we will reject Him and
go after people and the things of the world rather than follow Jesus
If we want to have eternal life we have
to be a disciples of Jesus Christ and He must be EVERYTHING in our
lives. If we deny Jesus Christ He will deny us. People seek the
approval and acceptance of other people, of employers, and therefor
they deny Jesus, they do things that they shouldn't do. They
compromise and they turn away from Jesus and walk with friends. They
walk with family, they walk with their employer for the temporal
favor of people, for their acceptance. If we turn away from Jesus, we
turn away from LIFE. We cannot follow Jesus Christ AND be acceptable
to the world, we have to choose and we have to choose every day in
every circumstance. We have to choose many times in one day, rather
to LISTEN to the voice of the Holy Spirit guiding us into truth or
to go after our own mind and seek the favor of other people. If we
turn away from Jesus, then we make ourselves and enemy of God and we
will perish. If our heart is with Jesus then we will stay with Him
all the time, but if we turn away from Jesus and seek the favor of
people then we prove that we are haters of God, haters of
righteousness, haters of holiness and we are compromisers, lovers of
the world.
Jesus Christ will turn many people away
when they stand before Him. He will say to them:”You loved your
friends more than Me, rather than going with Me you went with
friends.” If you follow Jesus you have to follow Him EVERY DAY, all
of the time, day and night, your mind must be on Christ. You must be
seeking to please Him. Are we followers and lovers of Jesus Christ,
obedient to Him? Or are we haters of God that compromise when it
suites us and when we think that we can gain some benefit from
yielding and from going with friends and with the world?
Friendship with the world is enmity
with God. Are we friends of God, lovers of Jesus Christ or are we
enemies of God?

May Jesus bless you.

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