Friday, May 15, 2015

Your Reference Jesus Christ or the Bible

What is your reference? Where do you go to for guidance and understanding? Do you go to the Bible? Or do you go to Jesus Christ? Those who are led by the Spirit of God they are the sons of God, they do not lean on their own understanding neither do they go to other people, they go DIRECTLY to Jesus Christ.

Many people believe that they are SAVED because they apply certain Bible verses and they PRESUME that because they believe in Jesus Christ that they are saved. If we believe in Jesus Christ after we have heard the gospel, we will fall on our knees and call on Him and He will reveal Himself to us, we will KNOW Him for REAL and He will guide us, He will teach us, He will come and live in us by His Spirit. Our reference, our guidance, our understanding will come form our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Many believers have no relationship with Jesus Christ. They don't know Him. They have never met Him. They just have a Bible, they know Bible verses and they apply Bible verses according to their own understanding but they have no knowledge of God. God is ALIVE. Jesus Christ is ALIVE! He speaks, He guides His sheep. His sheep LISTEN to His voice and they FOLLOW Him. If we do not KNOW Jesus Christ we cannot have salvation. If Jesus Christ is not our guide, the center of our lives then we do not KNOW Him. we do not have LIFE.

Go on your knees and call our to Jesus. Seek Him with all your heart until He reveals Himself to you. and the you will KNOW Him and He will GUIDE you, He will TEACH you and you will have LIFE if you stay with Him. Without Jesus Christ  we can do nothing. Have you met Jesus Christ? Is He your guide and reference?

May Jesus bless you.

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