Monday, August 17, 2015

A slice of the Religious PIE

The man made religious organizations and churches of this world are all of this world and they are happy to have a slice of the RELIGIOUS PIE. They all build their own little kingdoms on earth but they are not part of the kingdom of God. They are of the world,

If we belong to Jesus Christ and His kingdom then we do not fit into these religious organizations and churches, we are of a different kingdom, the kingdom of God. We are not of the world, we are of Jesus Christ. We follow and obey Him and we do what is pleasing to Him . If you still fit into the worldly churches and you are part of the RELIGIOUS PIE then you cannot be part of the kingdom of God.

We cannot serve two masters, we are either of Jesus and we are rejected by the world or we are of this world.

who do you belong to? To Jesus Christ or to a church? Who do you follow? Jesus Christ or men?

May Jesus bless you.

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