Friday, August 7, 2015

Churches take you AWAY from Jesus Christ

All churches are man made
organizations. They do not take you to Jesus Christ neither do they
lead you to salvation. They are only concerned about themselves and
about building their organization or their group, their fellowship.
If you follow Jesus Christ you will not have much fellowship because
there are not many people who follow Jesus Christ.
If you follow Jesus Christ churches
will reject you, they will persecute you like they do to all the true
followers of Jesus Christ. If you follow Jesus you will be on the
lonely road most of the time. There are only very few people in the
world that truly follow Jesus Christ. There are many churches, many
ministries but very few disciples of Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ calls us to discipleship
not to church attendance. If you go to church you will not have
fellowship with the saints, you will have fellowship and friendship
with the church members. Their loyalty is to the church and to the
organization. They don't know Jesus Christ. If you follow Jesus you
be rejected and persecuted in this world. You will even be rejected
and hated by your own family. If you walk in truth and in
righteousness you will be persecuted because this world loves lies
and churches are LIES. The church cannot save you, the church does
not know Jesus Christ. If they did they would fear Him but they
don't. They only use His Name and the gospel of Jesus Christ to
benefit themselves. They build their own little kingdoms here on
earth. If you follow Jesus Christ then you ARE the CHURCH, you ARE
the TEMPLE of the Holy Spirit, He dwells IN YOU. He guides you and He
might connect you to some other true followers, disciples but your
RELATIONSHIP is with Jesus Christ, not with other people. Jesus said
that when He returns two will be working in the field, one will be
taken, one will be left, two will be sleeping in one bed. One will be
taken the other will be left. It is only those who truly love him,
obey Him and follow Him who are of His kingdom.
Don't look to church or to other
people, look to Jesus, follow Him, work your relationship with Jesus
Christ and make sure that HE is pleased with you, today and every day
until the very end. Don't go to church, follow Jesus Christ every
day until the very end.

May Jesus bless you.

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