Saturday, August 29, 2015

The world has LOST it's CONSCIENCE and CONSIOUSNESS of God

The world has lost it's conscience and also it's consciousness of God. People have no natural love or compassion, they don't care for others. They don't know what LOVE is. They are selfish and self-satisfying. Even Christians have no conscience. They have lost their awareness of God. They have no communication with God. It is because their sin separates them from God. they are totally deprived. Their minds are evil. That is why we need to be born again to be part of the kingdom of God. If we are not born again of the Spirit if God we have an EVIL MIND. Most Christians have an evil mind, sinful mind. They justify their sinful minds with psychological arguments and back it up with Bible verses. They do not have the Spirit of God. They are filled with malice and hatred, self-pity, murder, immorality, everything that is wicked. We need a NEW HEART to be able to communicate with God, to come into His presence and to be part of the kingdom of God.

We can only have that NEW HEART that new attitude, that new frame of mind if we invite Jesus Christ into our lives and we turn away from wickedness, if we embrace Jesus Christ  and repent of all sin, repent of selfishness and worldliness and submit ourselves to Jesus Christ. He will change us, He will make us NEW inside. We have to OBEY Him and turn our back on the world, on that which is wicked and sinful and invite Jesus Christ into our lives, live holy and righteous, be baptized in water and invite His Spirit, the Holy Spirit into us, into our hearts. Say:"Lord fill me with Your Spirit, with Your love, with Your knowledge, with Your truth so that I can be different, so that I can be part of the kingdom of God."

Without Jesus Christ we cannot do it.  But Jesus will not force us. We have to SEEK Him, we have to SEEK LIFE and we have to reject evil. We have to reject the corruption that is in us and embrace Jesus Christ by our own will. We have to go after Him and keep ourselves pure and holy so that His Spirit can dwell in us. If we embrace wickedness the Spirit of God will leave us and we will be in darkness. Seek Jesus with all your heart. Invite Him into your life, reject evil, obey Jesus Christ, repent, be baptized, seek the INFILLING with the Holy Spirit and preserve yourself for Jesus Christ. Keep yourself pure and holy and let Him dwell in you or else you will also perish like the rest of this world that is doomed. Seek Jesus now before it is for ever too late.

May Jesus bless you.

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