Thursday, August 20, 2015

Knowing and Doing the WILL OF GOD

Most believers do not know what the will of God is for them, what His purpose is with them. Others have their own idea of what God requires of them, what their calling is, what God wants them to do, how He wants them to act. We can only KNOW what God requires of us when we FOCUS on Jesus Christ and we SEEK to do HIS WILL, when we walk with Him, when our mind is on Him and He fills us with His mind. We need to have the MIND OF CHRIST  to do the works of Christ.

If we follow our own mind we cannot please God and that is why most believers cannot please God. They are not LED by the Holy Spirit, they have no relationship with Jesus Christ, they please themselves and other people but they are not seeking the kingdom of God, they are not seeking to be pleasing to Jesus Christ, they do not have the MIND OF CHRIST and they cannot be pleasing to God.

If our focus is not on Jesus Christ and if we do not have the mind of Christ, if we are not led by the Holy Spirit because we are in close relationship with Jesus Christ, then we cannot do the will of God and we cannot be pleasing to Him, we cannot bear fruit. We can only be fruitful in the kingdom of God if we are led by the Spirit of God because we have the MIND OF CHRIST, because we WALK WITH HIM. Without Jesus Christ we can do nothing. We need to have the MIND OF CHRIST, be led by the Holy Spirit and then we can do the will of God.

Are you walking in the Spirit? Are you being led by the Holy Spirit of God? Do you SEEK His guidance? Are you doing the will of God?

May Jesus bless you.

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