Saturday, August 1, 2015

Follow the NEW WAY Don't Look Back

Jesus Christ calls us to LIFE in Him.
He calls us to a NEW WAY of living, HIS WAY. He calls us to FOLLOW
Him and live ACCORDING TO HIS COMMANDS and IF we STAY with Him, OBEY
Him and ENDURE with Him until the very end He promises us ETERNAL
LIFE. In the Revelation of John Jesus promises those who OVERCOME
that they will sit with Him on His throne just like He sits on His
Father's throne because He overcame. (Revelation 3:21) The PRIZE of
eternal life is only for those who OVERCOME. New Life is only IN
Many people believe that they will have
eternal life just because they BELIEVE IN Jesus Christ but they are
not willing to follow Him on the NEW WAY, HIS WAY. They are not
willing to OBEY Him, they don't love Him, they don't care for Him.
They just care for eternal life, salvation, but they won't have it.
Most believers never met Jesus Christ, they never started following
Him, they never OBEYED Him. Many believers just repeated a “sinners
prayer” after somebody else and then they believed that they had
salvation, and they still believe it until they die but they will
We have to FOLLOW Jesus Christ, be IN
HIM, IN HIS WILL to have eternal life. Eternal life is IN Jesus
Christ ALONE. Very few ever start following Jesus Christ and of those
who do start following Him, most of them LOOK BACK. They go back to
the world, they go back to their own ways, they go back to living
like the rest of the world. They are not following the commands of
Jesus Christ, they are not IN HIS WAY, they are not IN HIM and they
will perish.
NEW LIFE is IN CHRIST for those who
CONTINUE, who ENDURE until the end but those who look back and go
back to their former lifestyle, to sin, to living like the rest of
the world, they will perish. If we LOOK BACK we are not worthy of
Jesus Christ. There is only ONE WAY and that is: KEEP YOUR EYES ON
JESUS, OBEY His words. FOLLOW HIM every day and live to please Him,
stay with Him until the very end or you will not have eternal life.
There is only ONE WAY and that is IN CHRIST.
Are you IN CHRIST DOING His will every
day? Did you ever START following Jesus Christ or are you just
deceived like most believers who hope for eternal life but they are
not on THE WAY? They are not following Jesus Christ. Only those who
endure with Jesus until the end will overcome and will have the PRIZE
of eternal life.

May Jesus bless you.

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