Thursday, August 27, 2015

Why the Savior of the World is not SAVING it

Jesus Christ is the only Savior of the world but the world rejects Jesus Christ and that is why it is in the state that it is in. Even Christians reject Jesus Christ. They disobey Him, they refuse Him, they deny Him and that is why they will perish. Jesus Christ is the SOLE SOLUTION, He can fix every problem but the world does not want Him and the world does not obey Him.

Embrace Jesus, seek Him with all your heart, obey Him and become part of His kingdom or else you have no hope, you have no future and you will perish. Without Jesus Christ we can do nothing.

Many people think that can pray things right. Many Christians see what is happening in the world and they say:"Let us pray." But they are still living in sin. They disobey Jesus Christ, He is not hearing their prayers.

If we come to Jesus, we come on His terms. We repent, are baptized in water, we commit to obey Him and then He will answer our prayers, He will reveal Himself to us but if we disobey Him and we disregard Him, He will also disregard us. Jesus Christ answers the prayers of those who earnestly seek Him, who humble themselves before Him because He is the GREAT KING, He is LORD, He is GOD ALMIGHTY. Give Him the honor that is due to Him, RESPECT Him, FEAR Him, OBEY Him, let Him be your LORD and He will take care of you. But if you reject Him and deny Him He will ignore you and deny you also. Jesus Christ IS the SOLE SOLUTION but we have to bow down before Him and serve Him, respect Him as Lord. Obey Jesus and you will LIVE, disregard Him and you will perish.

May Jesus bless you.

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