Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Jesus does not always forgive sins

Many people believe that they can sin
every day and then just go on their knees at night and ask Jesus
forgiveness and He will forgive them. They also believe that they can
live as they please, they can sin as much as they like and then just
before they die, if they ask Jesus forgiveness He will forgive them,
they call that a DEATH BED REPENTANCE. That is not repentance. That
person never had sorrow for his sin, he was never sorry that he did
wrong, he loved his sin.
People who keep on sinning every day
and want forgiveness every night, they are not serious. They love
their sin, they don't love God. Jesus will not forgive them. God is
not fooled and Jesus does not forgive willful sin. He will not
forgive us unless we seriously and honestly repent and turn away from
that sin.

May Jesus bless you.

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