Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sinning Disobedient Christians will PERISH

Jesus Christ calls us to obedience,
righteousness and holiness. He calls us to follow and obey Him, to be
children of God. He does forgive our past sins if we repent and if we
are baptized in water, but if we keep on sinning we will perish.
If we follow Jesus Christ we must OBEY
Him, we must be holy and righteous as he is holy and righteous. We
must TURN from going after our own desires, our own plans and our own
ambitions and we must seek the kingdom of God. Jesus Christ is King,
He is Lord and He is Master. If we seek His kingdom we seek to DO His
will and we have to OBEY Him to be pleasing to Him and to be part of
His kingdom. If we stumble and sin and then truly repent He forgives
our sins but if we deliberately sin then He will PUNISH us, He will
chastise us to correct us so that we can share in His holiness. If we
refuse to accept His correction, His chastisement, then we will GET
CUT OFF AND BURNED. Jesus warned that ever branch in Him that does
not bear good fruit will get cut off and burned. Because He loves
and cares for us He chastises us if we do wrong and if we stray, to
bring us back, to teach us obedience but if we refuse to accept His
correction we will perish.
Jesus corrects us and disciplines us in
many ways. He might speak to us through sickness, through
circumstances to turn us from our wicked ways and to bring us back to
Him. He requires of us, not only that we live holy and righteous but
that we bear fruit, that we do the works that He prepared for us. If
we are not living for Jesus and if we love the world and the things
of the world then we cannot be of His kingdom. He will discipline us
and He will draw us back unto Himself but if we refuse, if we persist
in our wicked ways and if we persist in going after our own
endeavors, our own ambitions, He will cut us off because if we do not
submit to Him and do not seek to please Him then we cannot be part of
His kingdom. We have to SERVE Him as Lord and Master.
There is not such thing as just
believing in Jesus for salvation. That is a LIE. We have to OBEY Him.
Jesus said:"If you love Me, keep My commandments." He
said:"Why do you call Me Lord, Lord and do not what I say?"
Many believers refuse to OBEY Jesus.
They refuse to be baptized in water. They refuse to FOLLOW Jesus.
They refuse to go where He sends them. They refuse to do what He
tells them to do. They are not fit for the kingdom of God and if
they continue in their wicked ways they will get cut off.
Many Christians who have professed to
have followed Jesus all their life are very sick, terminally ill at
old age. They have cancers, incurable diseases, they are bed ridden
because Jesus wants them to repent of their wrongful ways. Many who
know the way did not teach their children the WAY. There and many
parents who know Jesus Christ and they know that to live in
immorality is WRONG but they do not reprimand their children. They
APPROVE of wrong things to have the favor of their children. The
whole world is IMMORAL. So if their children are immoral and if they
live in fornication and in adultery then the parents approve of it.
They go along with it. They do not reprimand their children and then
the wrath of God comes on them because they do not only approve of
wrong, but they allow those children, who are often grown to do their
sinful deeds in THEIR OWN homes, in the parent's house. The CURSE of
God is on the house of the WICKED.
If we call ourselves followers of Jesus
Christ and Christians, we have to be HOLY and RIGHTEOUS. If we put
shame on the name of Jesus through our deeds He will judge us and
many people are being judged because although they know the truth
they do not obey it. The judgment of God is coming on them so that
they can repent but many do not understand it and they do not repent,
they DIE and they PERISH, they go INTO HELL.
We are required to live holy and
righteous and in obedience to Jesus Christ or else we are not fit for
His kingdom. We cannot live our lives to please ourselves, we have to
DIE to self and LIVE FOR CHRIST or else we are not fit for His
kingdom and we will perish, we will get CUT OFF.
Follow Jesus, OBEY Him, be righteous,
be holy and DO what is pleasing to Him until the very end or you
might get cut off, you will perish. Obey Jesus Christ and LIVE.

May Jesus bless you.  

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