Sunday, August 23, 2015

Why Christians are UNFRUITFUL

Most Christians are unfruitful and they
will perish if they do not repent and bear fruit for the kingdom of
God. I was such a Christian and then I had a heart attack, I died and
I found myself on my way to hell because I was UNFRUITFUL.
Most Christians are focused on
themselves, on other people, on church activities, on the Bible, on
end time prophecies, but they are not focused on Jesus Christ.
Without Jesus we can do nothing. Jesus said:"I am the true vine.
Everyone who remains in Me bears much fruit because without Me you
can do nothing."
If we focus on ourselves and on other
things we will perish because without Jesus we can do nothing. We
must get our focus on Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God. If we
focus on Jesus and we obey Him, we seek to be pleasing to Him then He
will reveal Himself to us, He will guide us and He will teach us and
we will bear fruit for His kingdom.
Most Christians are worried about what
other people think of them, they are worried about their future, what
they will eat, what they will drink, where they will live, with whom
they will marry but they are not worried about Jesus Christ and their
relationship with Him . If we are not concerned about Jesus Christ
Himself we will not get to KNOW Him, we will not FOLLOW nor OBEY
Him. If we do not seek His approval and WORK to achieve it we will
never have it and we will perish because Jesus Christ is LORD, He is
KING, He is MASTER. We have to be pleasing to Him. He called us for
His purpose to do those things which He prepared for us to do and if
we are not led by the Holy Spirit we cannot do what He purposed for
us to do. It is all about Jesus Christ, our relationship with Him,
nothing else.
Jesus Christ ALONE is the WAY. Do you
know Him? Are you focused on Him? Do you hear His voice? Are you
seeking to please Him? Or are you busy with other things?
Get your focus on Jesus. Seek Him with
all your heart and He will guide you into all truth . He will make
you FRUITFUL and you will bring glory to God. We have to bear fruit
for His kingdom or we will get CUT OFF and BURNED.

May Jesus bless you.

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