Friday, August 28, 2015

Religiously Decorated but Fruitless and Useless

Very few people who profess to be serious Christians are real followers of Jesus Christ. Most of them are just like Christmas trees. They are religiously decorated but they are fruitless and useless, they are DEAD. They are spiritually DEAD because they do not know Jesus Christ, neither do they follow and obey Him. They are DECORATED, they look like Christians, they have got all the trinkets, they have got Bibles and the attributes, they go to church, they participate in the religious activities and outwardly the world sees them as Christians but they are not followers of Jesus Christ. They are just for SHOW. They are not for real.

The real and true followers of Jesus Christ  follow Him every day. They obey His words, they live in holiness and in righteousness. They bear fruit because they are in Christ. They are LIKE Jesus Christ. They speak the words of Christ and they go where He sends them, they do what He tells them to do and therefor they BEAR FRUIT. They bring others to Jesus Christ. They are ALIVE. They are ALIVE and fruitful for the kingdom of God.

Most professing Christians are just for show and they are deceived. They believe that they are saved because they conform to a FORM OF GODLINESS, a PICTURE of Christianity that they themselves have created but they have no relationship with Jesus Christ. They are not led by the Holy Spirit and they do not DO the works of Christ. They do the works of the flesh and they run after the IMAGE of a Christian, that has been created in the minds of those who are deceived and who are PERISHING.

Have we met the REAL Jesus Christ? Are we conformed to His likeness? Have we been changed from dead fake trees to LIVE fruit bearing trees in the kingdom of God. Do we bear the fruits of righteousness, holiness and obedience to Jesus Christ? Are we IN relationship with Him and DOING the works that He prepared for us to do? Or are we just decorative trees, Christmas trees, false,fake Christians like the majority of those who profess to be children of God but they are children of satan because they do the works of the devil?

Let us not deceive ourselves but follow the REAL Jesus and become like Him. Seek to be pleasing to Him and not conform to the world, not to be like the worldly Christmas tree Christians that are doomed and that will perish, that will be burned up like discarded Christmas tree.

Follow Jesus, obey Him and DO what He requires of you. Come ALIVE and be REAL, be a child of God.

May Jesus bless you.

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