Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Assumed Truth Dangerous Lies Preached in Churches

Most people are born into a religion, they are brought up in that religion and they believe that that is the truth. People are brought up in a denomination and they believe that their church is the absolute truth and their preacher preaches the only truth. But they assume that because they have been taught that.
Perfect truth is not with any denomination, not with any church not with any person, only with Jesus Christ. If we want to know the truth we should ask Jesus . We will not find the truth in a church or in a person but only in Jesus Christ alone.
Jesus Christ is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE and He reveals the TRUTH to those who seek Him, who ASK HIm and who TRUST Him. He teaches and He guides His sheep. His sheep are FEW. Very few know the truth because very few know, trust and follow Jesus Christ.
Do you know the TRUTH? Do you know Jesus Christ and do you follow Him. Are you taught by Him? Or do you trust in people and do you believe what other people tell you?
Trust in Jesus Christ alone. Let Him teach you and you will never be disappointed. You will never be in darkness because He will guide you into all truth.

May Jesus bless you.

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