Sunday, September 20, 2015

Speaking with AUTHORITY

We can only speak about Jesus Christ
with authority if we KNOW Him, if we have a real testimony of Jesus
Christ. The disciples knew Jesus Christ and therefor they spoke with
The apostle Paul met Jesus Christ and
therefor he spoke with authority. He did not speak from what he heard
from other people. He spoke from his relationship with Jesus Christ
and from that which Jesus Christ taught him. If we do not know Jesus
Christ and we do not have a testimony of WALKING WITH Jesus, our
RELATIONSHIP with Jesus Christ, then we cannot speak with authority.
Jesus Christ is REAL and ALIVE and He
reveals Himself to all those who seek Him, who OBEY His words. They
get to know Him for REAL. Most believers can only speak about Jesus
Christ from what they have read in the Bible, from what they have
heard from preachers and other people and that is why they have no
authority. They cannot speak with authority.
Do you know Jesus Christ for real? Do
you have a TESTIMONY and can you speak about Jesus Christ with

May Jesus bless you.

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