Saturday, September 5, 2015

Salvation is not just a PROCEDURE

Salvation is not a procedure, a
methodology, a series of steps that you follow and then you have the
HOPE of eternal life. Salvation is about being a NEW CREATURE, being
BORN AGAIN of the Spirit of God, becoming a child of God, being
entirely renewed inside, to come into relationship and communion with
the Living God and then to follow and obey Him, to live our lives to
please Him. It is a LIVE RELATIONSHIP of a Child of God with his
Creator God, with his Father.
We need to be BORN AGAIN to be children
of God. We cannot just follow a series of steps and then pronounce
ourselves as born again or as children of God. If you are not RENEWED
inside, if you are not utterly changed to become a child of God then
you do not KNOW Him and you do not have the HOPE of salvation. The
only way that we can have salvation is through the gospel of Jesus
Christ, OBEYING His words, His commands. Jesus commanded that we
REPENT and turn from our evil ways, that we OBEY HIM, that we commit
ourselves to become HIS disciples, HIS followers and to do His will.
We must turn away from our previous lifestyle, we must turn away from
sin and from self-gratification and COMMIT to OBEY God, to live a
life that is pleasing to God.
If we approach Jesus Christ with a
contrite heart, bow down on our knees, submit ourselves to Him,
humble ourselves before Him and plead Him forgiveness of our past
sins, our previous selfish lifestyle and we commit ourselves to
obedience to Him, He will forgive our past sins that we committed in
ignorance and He will accept us as children of God. He will make us
NEW INSIDE but then we have to OBEY Him, go after Him. We have to be
baptized in water, in obedience to Jesus Christ as a confession of
our faith and our commitment to Him as a token of the washing off of
our sins and the death of our previous lifestyle, to emerge from that
water a new person that is committed to serve God. If we commit to
serve Jesus, if we accept Jesus and we repent from our wicked ways
and we are baptized in water then He promised us the most wonderful
GIFT, His very PRESENCE, His Holy Spirit to dwell in us and to be
with us at all times for eternity so that we can live IN HIS
PRESENCE, that we can be taught and guided by Him, that we can be
children of God in this world, that we can SEE the kingdom of God and
receive REVELATION from Jesus Christ, to know God, to know Jesus
Christ for REAL.
The Holy Spirit was first given on the
day of Pentecost. It was poured out on those who had repented and who
had been baptized in water and who were earnestly expecting, SEEKING
that infilling with the presence of God. He poured out His Spirit on
them, they started speaking in other tongues as all those would also
do who believed as result of their preaching and who also obeyed
Jesus Christ, who also were baptized in water. They also received the
Holy Spirit as the first believers did. The gift is promised to us as
well, the presence of God in and with us. Without the Holy Spirit we
cannot experience the presence of God, we cannot know Jesus Christ.
As the apostle Paul wrote in Romans 8:14:”Those who are led by the
Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.”
We cannot follow Jesus Christ if we are
not PERMEATED with His Spirit, if we are not LED by His Spirit, if we
are not guided, directed and willingly follow the guidance of the
Holy Spirit we cannot be pleasing to God, we cannot serve the purpose
for which He made us and called us to be servants of the kingdom of
God and to become HEIRS of the kingdom of God IF we endure with Him
until the end. IF we as OBEDIENT CHILDREN keep on serving and
following Jesus Christ, doing the will of our Father until the end we
will inherit His kingdom.
Most believers are not born again. Very
few have received the Holy Spirit and of those who received the Holy
Spirit very FEW follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Very few will
enter into the kingdom of God and do the will of God because most
believers have no relationship with God. They listen to preachers and
other people. The listen to videos and they read the books of other
people who profess to know God but they have got no knowledge of God
because they are not following God, they do not know Jesus Christ.
We are witnesses of Jesus. I know
Jesus, I follow Him and therefor I come to you and I implore you, I
say: Friend, get to know Jesus Christ. Seek Him with all your heart,
be baptized in water. Seek the infilling with the Holy Spirit. Seek
the guidance of the Holy Spirit and FOLLOW that guidance. LISTEN to
Jesus. Don't listen to people. Be guided by the Holy Spirit and SERVE
the kingdom of God. That is what He is calling you for and that is
what He has called me for. It is to be SONS OF GOD who do the will of
Have you been born again of the Spirit
of God? Have you become a child of God and are you doing the will of
God? Are you following Jesus Christ? Have you become part of the
kingdom of God? Or are you just like most believers DECEIVED because
they don't know God, they don't know Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ is
the WAY. Get to KNOW Him. Seek His Spirit, seek His guidance. Follow
Him and OBEY Him and He will guide you into all truth. He will teach
you all you need to know and you will bear the fruit, you will do the
works that He prepared for you to do.
Jesus is calling YOU. Will you respond?
Will you go after Him or will you turn away and regret it for

May Jesus bless you.

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