Sunday, September 6, 2015

The TRUTH that Christians do not want to KNOW

Western Christians go after knowledge because they believe that knowledge is power. They believe that the more they know, the more they will be able to control their own lives and to make the "right" decisions. They love to listen to so-called spiritual people, they love to study the Bible, they love to study the prophecies. They love to listen to people with so-called prophetic vision, who "enlighten" them about the future and about what is happening in the world. But they do not know the TRUTH because they do not love the truth. The TRUTH is Jesus Christ Himself. He is the WAY and the LIFE and the TRUTH. If we follow HIM we will not be in darkness. If we LISTEN to HIM, He will guide us into all truth.But people do not want Jesus Christ, they do not want the TRUTH. The want to listen to people and then they think they can determine their own future. They are foolishly rejecting TRUTH, They are rejecting LIFE. They reject Jesus Christ because they rather listen to people and follow their own mind, their own wisdom than to ask Jesus, trust Him, follow and obey Him. They think they are more wise than God and therefor they have become fools and they will perish if they do not repent, stop listening to other people , stop running after the wisdom of men and start listening to Jesus Christ.

Most Christians have no knowledge of God. His sheep LISTEN to His voice, they follow Him and He guides them into all truth because they love the TRUTH, they love Jesus Christ.

Are you following after men and do you look for solutions, for advice about the future by running after people, listening to their videos, going to their seminars, paying them for their books, studying to show yourself approved , to show that you are also with it, you are also with the other Christians that are perishing because they are not following Jesus Christ? They do not love the truth. They love stories, fables, the thoughts of men. Or are you one of His sheep who listen to Him , who follow Him and does He guide you? Do you love the TRUTH, do you love Jesus Christ?

May Jesus bless you.

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